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The Next Step

Participating in this page of the website will be a safe place that will inspire us to take THE NEXT STEP in some aspect of our lives. This facilitated process requires your participation to be purposeful and effective. You can choose to follow along as a passive observer, participate anonymously, or jump right in with both feet if a topic being discussed speaks to you. 


    Because we are social creatures and are tackling common social issues, I believe the key to making progress is by doing so collaboratively with others. I don’t believe we can read or think our way to a happier life in isolation. I envision a supportive collection of people moving forward together. We all have similarities we can use to support, encourage, and celebrate positive change. This interpersonal approach can be as open or anonymous as you are comfortable with. Just register on my website and follow your heart.


    This process demands that we create an open and welcoming space that is non-threatening and supportive. This is not a place for negativity or wallowing in self-pity. As individuals, we need to take responsibility for the lives we are living and move with positivity toward becoming better versions of ourselves. Becoming an optimally happy member of society requires three things that build on each other. The base is a healthy individual who can engage in positive nurturing relationships, and contribute to a community of connectedness. Together, we can harness the power to create better individuals, partnerships, and communities.







     One significant commonality that affects the lives of many of us is insecurity. From shyness to social anxiety disorders, most of us have had our lives affected by a negative self-image, often beginning at an early age. The widespread nature of these conditions throughout our lives suggests to me that it should be the first topic of discussion.

    My initial surge of research led me to an article from Scientific American called Why Everyone is Insecure (and Why That’s Okay), written by Ellen Hendriksen, PH.D. I read it and would encourage you to do so as well. I downloaded her book called How to be Yourself, which helped me understand the positive and negative aspects of Social Anxiety. Yes, there are benefits. Her book and website provide information and strategies to help each of us become our true selves, or as I propose, to become better. This will be my starting point as we investigate all aspects of insecurity. 

    I encourage each of you to go on to her website and register to begin her program of support. As each of us does so individually, we can then come back together here and share our experiences, support any difficulties, and celebrate successes within a safe environment.This website is your safety net, here to remind you that you are not on this path alone.

Why Everyone is Insecure (and why that is okay) 

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