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Social Enterprise Project Ideas:

Circles of Humanity: In Search of Humanity beyond Diversity



   Our existing segmented and polarized societies are in desperate need of help. As individuals and as a global society, we are being conditioned by fear, mistrust, and ignorance away from the positive human values that are at our core.

   Yuval Harari, in his book Sapiens, speaks of the 3 primary pillars of our global society: Economy, Religion, and Dominion, each of which binds and divides us. I propose that we need to focus on our one true commonality which is Humanity. Fulfilling the basic human needs of love and acceptance which creates life and motivation within us all. Fostering the concepts of positivity and commonality to usher in a new era of inclusive acceptance and understanding.   

   We are in the process of developing a multi-media project designed to unite 15 diverse strangers through an emotional and thoughtful voyage of acceptance, understanding, and commonality. The transformation from a collection of individuals to a caring and unified group will be documented through a variety of mediums designed to support the participants and inspire observers. The intersection of humanity and technology provides for the scalability of 'Circles of Humanity' toward creating meaningful and positive societal change


    Should you wish to support this concept either as a participant or a technical or monetary contributor, we would like to hear from you.

Circles of Education: In Support of our Children

   A sustainable global human society relies on future generations of healthy and well-adjusted young people armed with confidence, intelligence, and empathy. The existing pervasiveness of insecurity must be dealt with at a young age to ensure that future generations are not burdened by the social limitations that exist within our current fragmented society.

    A program of exposure to age-appropriate concepts of social psychology is required to allow primary and secondary school-aged children to develop their social capabilities in tandem with their skill development and intellectual growth.

     We are initiating a program of student-driven, experiential learning designed to encourage and motivate our youth to lead the way toward an inclusive society focusing on humanity and commonality. The program will equip our children with the tools required to eliminate existing issues such as insecurity, bullying, and suicide through the hands-on development of communication skills, self-esteem, and empathy.

     Should you wish to support this concept as a technical contributor or if you are an educator, we would like to hear from you.




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