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Individual and societal advancements occur as a result of education and communication. This website is dedicated to providing these two cornerstones of growth. This page will become populated with links to articles and documents that promote understanding without the biasses and agendas that often dominate our society.


Thank you! 

Maslow's Hierarchy of needs

As discussed in my book, For a Daughter's Love, the concepts laid out by Abraham Maslow provide an excellent understanding of our basic and advanced human needs. There are two excellent websites that provide a very good understanding of this topic and much more. The websites are:   and           

I encourage you to check them out. 

Learn your life Purpose in 5 minutes

According to the youtube video linked below, there are over 150 thousand books on Amazon that can help you understand your purpose. This video can help you do it in 5 minutes. Check it out, it's great. 

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