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For a Daughter's Love

A Purposeful, Fictional Novel 

Written by Jack Richardson

A Kindle e-Book or Paperback version of this book can be purchased through or




Cayley Jackson is a troubled young woman who has lost everything. Her personal journey of suspense and discovery guides the reader along their own path of self- and societal awareness as the details of Cayley’s survival and transformation are revealed. 

    For a Daughter’s Love exposes the final, desperate actions a father will take to ensure that his daughter feels loved and secure as she strives to conquer the societal challenges that threaten her.

    This work of purposeful fiction tells a story of a relationship between a father and daughter that requires fifty-two years to reach its dramatic conclusion, in a future that gives each of us a vision to consider.


This file contains the Addendum for Part 1 of For a Daughter's Love. It contains detailed segments of the book dealing with the Seminar on Social Psychology that were removed from the storyline. You can open it here or download it onto your computer.

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