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This page is dedicated to initiating thoughtful consensus on any topic this community wishes to tackle. It will provide an opportunity to depolarize our society through a respectful interchange of ideas and perspectives. The intent is to help us understand where our thoughts and feelings originate and to validate or revise our personal views. The goal is to help us understand society from a broader perspective for the purpose of inclusive consensus building.


Thank you!

Apr 21, 2018

Please be kinder, Morgan and Sally


The last thing we need is another opinion piece or news report on the KinderMorgan TransMountain pipeline. I for one am tired of the adversarial negativity surrounding this issue. Instead of fighting, what we need is to start listening and communicating so that we can come to a consensus as how to move forward.


This dispute, for most people, is not about a single pipeline or even the merits of this specific project. It has become a focal point for opposing views on balancing our standard of living with the environment and economics. The coming century will be filled with global issues that will place a focus on local developments. As the developed world modifies it’s thirst for energy and the majority of people in the world seek a bare minimum of what we take for granted, we will be put under increasing pressure to make choices.


The only way we can make good decisions is by utilizing positivity-based consensus building rather than the destructive polarizing methods being utilized today by politicians, corporations and special interest groups. What is the truth and where do we go to find it in our current society?


The place to start is within each of us as we search for what we know, and listen to what we don’t. Let’s begin a dialogue of positivity and understanding so that we can deal with our issues together.


The TransMountain Pipeline is at the heart of a convergence between powerful forces who will never be aligned without a unified voice that demands reason. Collectively, we can be that voice. We may not know the answers but by sharing our thoughts, feelings and concerns in the spirit of positivity, we can demonstrate a process that will move our society, and this issue, in the right direction.


Why don’t we get started now? Please submit your comments, and if they meet the requirements of being thoughtful, productive and positive, they will be heard.