An Inconvenient Truth about the Planet of the Mothers

At 5:04 am on Mother’s Day, 2020, I awoke from a glorious dream. I had discovered the secret of how to bottle the energy it takes to be a mother. The combined energy of each nurturing moment of life-giving and sustaining action provided by the billions of loving mothers all around the world was mine to capture and sell. This new local, renewable, and environmentally friendly energy source would make me the richest and most influential person in the world. Imagine the good I could do.

My eyes popped open, too excited to sleep until I realized that my dream could soon become a nightmare. I imagined a documentary release on Mother’s Day 2030 demonizing the loving energy of Motherhood. How could it not happen? The single entity that provides us with Food, Clothing, Shelter, and the ability to transport ourselves must be evil at it’s source. Documentaries have used ‘Blood and Gore’ to prove this point in the past, so how could this be any different. Cinderella’s step-mother, or Rapunzel, locked in the tower by, you guessed it, and Snow White’s jealous wicked witch would all be vilified and trotted out to prove that Mothers are in fact evil. How far would they go? Would they dig up dirt on Mother Nature?

The undeniable goodness of a mother’s energy would be destroyed for the sake of sensationalism and viewership. Would the destruction of this last vestige of virtue become a tipping point for a social revolution where each of us recognized where the true evil lurks? Not with energy itself, and certainly not from that of a mother, but with those who choose to use negativity, misinformation, and emotional exploitation to make a statement and a buck. 

Have we come to the point as a society that rational discourse and working toward instead of against something is lost? Absolutely not! My mother tried to teach me about respect, cooperation, and integrity. When I look around at the people I cross paths with, I see pervasive positivity and humanity. They make me feel good about the world we live in and allow me to get back to sleep and enjoy my dream.



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