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A few years ago, I began writing a book to make use of my newfound retirement schedule and my creativity. My writing spawned an idea, which evolved into a purpose and now I want to change the world.

If you could change the world, how would you go about it? There is so much love and positivity housed in the hearts and minds of billions of humans around the world, it seems unfathomable that any negative aspects of society could survive to require improvement. We are genetically designed to be nurturing and co-operative creatures so what needs to be changed. Show up in almost any location on earth and ask for help and people will gather around to support you. I have personally experienced that support from China to Libya to the United States. So why do I believe the world needs saving?

Put fifty of the most accomplished musicians in the world in a room and instruct them to warm up. The resulting noise is almost unbearable. Each sound interferes with the others in a mish-mash of musical chaos. Then, the conductor enters the picture, raises his baton. The noise ends and the music begins. It is so beautiful it brings tears to your eyes. The notes have become aligned and the result is astounding.

Society is like the collection of talented musicians except it is composed of billions of loving people who are lacking a conductor. Everyone is humming a slightly different tune and some have gone off key. If the minds, hearts, energy, and voices of all could become aligned, the results would be remarkable.

If we posted an ad for a global human conductor, what would we look for? It is theorized that humans can only become emotionally connected to a maximum of 250 other people. If that is true, how do we connect 7.6 billion of us? Who would be capable of doing that? Currently, we have politicians, religious leaders and corporate CEO’s representing a large number of people who are under their influence. Some of them are effective and some less so. None of them speak to our global society as a whole because they only connect with one aspect of society.


Over the centuries, we have used tribes and Dominions to bind people together. Religion was another means by which to consolidate large numbers of people. Corporations grow to become multi-national giants with large numbers of employees. Gender, wealth, ancestry, geography, appearance, intelligence, political affiliation, and countless other descriptors have also been used as commonalities to bring people together. 

The problem is that these descriptors not only bind people together but they also serve as reasons for alienation, segregation, isolationism, and even hatred. What is required is a commonality that all of humankind can focus on and become aligned with. With the Philharmonic I discussed earlier, it is music. With Humans it is Humanity. The positive aspects of who we are that are at the core of us all. Love, respect, nurturing and understanding are the cornerstones of our commonality and are the building blocks of a unified society of positivity.

The conductor we so desperately need is not a person. It is an understanding. It is a message.

The purpose of my books and website is to help facilitate the integration of our global society. They contain the message. My target audience is currently 7.6 billion people and growing. I believe I can help change the world by encouraging people to see new possibilities. I would like your help to perfect and broadcast the message.

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