Social Distancing or Connecting

If hindsight is 2020, how will we look back at the year of Covid-19 we are currently experiencing. As billions of humans around the world deal with fear, economic hardship, grieving and death, it can be difficult to imagine our individual and collective futures beyond this global pandemic. In times of uncertainty, one thing is guaranteed. For the vast majority of us, there will be a future and it is up to each of us to determine what it will look like.

The impact of this pandemic will be as variable as it universal. Everyone is a potential victim or beneficiary of the impact of Covid-19. We may die or flourish, depending on a combination of consequence and attitude. While Governments and agencies focus on damage control, we need to protect the foundations of humanity, which are the individual, relationships, and community. It starts with each of us as we take steps to support these three cornerstones of life.

Change can be frightening and fear is paralyzing, but empathy and optimism are gifts that can be shared and allowed to flourish. In the years to come, when you look back in hindsight at the year 2020, what will you be the most proud of?

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