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The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon and the Royal Wedding.

If this blog was an episode of Jeopardy, the answer would be “What is..... something no one knows about and something no one admits they watched?”

Well, it turns out I do know what one is and I watched, at least part of, the other. The thing is, there is a connection between the two. Let me explain.

Let’s imagine I just bought a car, a shiny new Exhaustfree ZLX 2000. I’m pretty pumped and feel special as I drive around town in it. I turn a corner and pull up behind the exact same car, except it's red. ‘Wow,’ I thought to myself, “what are the odds of seeing another one of these?’ 

Well, it turns out the odds were pretty good because on my way home I noticed six more. Until then, I really didn’t think many people owned the ZLX 2000’s. I have just been affected by what is called ‘Selective Attention’.  The other cars were always around me but until I chose to buy one for myself, they just weren’t as noticeable or memorable because they didn’t mean anything special to me. 

That’s not the way I perceive it though. Another phenomenon called “Confirmation Bias’ creates the internal message that seeing all of the other ZLX 2000’s confirms their rapidly increasing popularity and I obviously made a good decision when I bought mine. 

The combination of these two types of perception has been labeled as the Badder-Meinhof Phenomenon. So what does all of this have to do with the Royal Wedding?

For the past few years, I have been busy writing my books, building a website and creating blogs. As you are aware, the boiled down message of my work is for each of us to discover the basic commonality of being human and for corporations and governments to follow suit. To let love, caring and understanding form the foundational roots from which individuals, groups, and societies grow and flourish. 

It is fair to say these concepts have begun to consume me to the point where I am beginning to see parallels everywhere I look. If my message of love and positivity is like a shiny new Exhaustfree ZLX2000, then it would appear it is becoming a best seller. Either everyone is talking about the ideals I am trying to promote or else I have been Badder-Meinhoffed. 

I had a dream the other night which proves my point. In my dream, I was watching the Royal Wedding on the television. Apparently my invitation was mistakenly sent to George Clooney instead of to me. No matter, the important part of the dream is that during the ceremony, held at St. George’s Chapel at the Windsor Castle, the ceremoniously proper Royal Wedding was crashed by a black man from America. Setting the stage, there were more hats than handkerchiefs in view as hundreds of socialites were there to be seen and admired at this cultured British extravaganza of pomp. And then, when the presiding Priest from the Church of England had his back partially turned and sat as still as a statue, this crasher took to the pulpit, armed only with an i-pad and began waving his arms and speaking. I know it was a dream, because  Queen Elizabeth and Oprah Winfrey both sat quietly and merely listened to this stranger as he spoke on and on. That wouldn’t happen in real life. He didn’t talk about tea, fish and chips or tikka masala, the three most basic of British topics. Instead, he talked about the message in my books. About the power of love and acceptance. He promoted my ideas about how, when corporations and governments are fuelled by love and purpose, the world will become unified and accepting. My dream was just the confirmation bias I needed to continue on with my efforts devoted to spreading the word. If you add the three billion people who heard his speech to the followers I already have on my website, I’m thinking it was a pretty good day. Unfortunately, the crasher didn’t mention my website address or plug my books, but the important thing is that, soon enough, everyone is going to get the message. Who knows, even the wedding crasher may end up being famous and become the Bishop of his own Church. Stranger things have happened in my dreams. Maybe I should back off of the tikka masala just before bedtime.

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